Ever saw the birds flying with high spirits in the sky and wondered what if you were one of them?
Paragliding is one of that activity which let you live this dream of yours. We at TAG Resorts Queen’s Meadows & TAG Resorts Lavanya Bhimtal gives you a golden chance to leave your inhibitions and fly carelessly in the open sky. All you have to do is just gather a little bit of courage and sit in a harness suspended below a fabric wing comprising a large number of interconnected baffled cells. Post that you will be taken to an elevated level (a hill-top or from a enough height) and you are asked to take a run up for a free fall from that level.
Your adrenaline boosts up as soon as you take off and the fresh air hits directly on your face. A must try for adventure maniacs and we at TAG RESORTS arrange this once in a lifetime experience for you under the guidance of expert professionals and utter safety. The open sky and the panoramic views would enthrall you from within and you would feel amused, excited and peaceful at the same time.
Don’t waste your time in thinking just fly in the open sky and experience the astonishing adventure of Paragliding. Open the wings of freedom and fly high like a free bird.