Jungle safari

Corbett, a very well known place for almost everyone. It is a to home a wide variety of natural flora and fauna. It's the home of one of the most majestic animals to walk on the face of this earth " TIGER”. This park is also renowned for being home to various rare species of mammals, reptiles, and birds. One can spot the different species of deer like Sambar and Chinkara on a safari to this national park. Crocodiles are another major attraction here. Full of adventures, a Jungle Safari in the dense jungles of Corbett is a privilege.
Numerous surprises and thrills await you as you embark on a jungle safari to these jungles. Unlike any other wildlife Sanctuary, Jim Corbett Park gives you a chance to see the inhabitants in their natural habitat.
At TAG Resorts The Banyan Retreat, Corbett we make sure your Corbett Vacation is filled with excitement and will leave you with a lot of memories to be cherished for the lifetime.