Whether we live in a village or have a high-class city life, love for nature never dies. After all who can hate the beauty of mother nature?
For all those who adore the beauty of nature and are curious to explore numerous flora & fauna, TAG Resorts will take you a step closer to fulfill your this desire. We @TAGResorts bring you much closer to the nature by arranging activities like Birding or Bird Watching where we take you to a Bird Sanctuary or a Jungle where you get to see a variety of seen/unseen local and exotic birds.
As we strive to give you an extra of everything, We @TAGResorts Queen’s Meadows have gone an extra mile to fulfill this desire of yours. Along with you, we have provided fine accommodations for many migratory birds also. The never-ending chirping and bustling of birds wins you throughout your stay and makes the place so musical that you feel like there can be no better place than this!
Needless to say, it is one activity that is subtle in its approach but way too effective in giving an experience which gets etched in your sweet memories.