About Us

Tag Resorts – A premium and spirited hospitality company catering to your needs of leisure travel, luxury stay and escapade activities. Established with the vision of empowering the ever blooming hospitality industry and providing an alluring holiday experience, Tag Resorts boasts of a team of hospitality professionals who have come together to redefine the meaning of luxury in all true sense.

Tag resorts embraces your holiday experience by providing luxurious hotels, resorts and palaces at a price that does not harm your pocket. We make sure that your investment of time and money should be worth of every single minute and penny. Exemplary service, mouth watering cuisine and a homely vibe will instantly get you connected creating a sense of peace, warmth and affinity.

And we do not stop here, we take it further to create opportunities for our guest to take a dip in the ocean of extravagant travel activities like sightseeing, paragliding, boating, skiing, jungle safaris, camping etc.

Already fallen in love with us? Go ahead, get yourself tagged with TAG RESORTS.