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24 September 2017

By TAG Resorts

The above lines stay as true as it can get, a week ago I was just another corporate person rattled between my core life and business life. I was facing a lot of stress and anxiety issues and really needed a break to calm myself; it is then that I was suggested to take a road trip to Bhimtal by a friend. Initially, I was uncertain about this place, I thought if I really want to take a break why would I go to such a small hill station but my friend insisted and I decided to put a bet on this place.

It was a Monday morning and I had my bags packed and I was all ready, thankfully not to go to my workplace and hence there was no stress of Monday Blues on my face. I was excited to revive myself and explore the unexplored Lake District – Bhimtal.

The cab arrived at my doorstep and I loaded my luggage in the car, as soon as I entered the car I asked the driver to move while gearing the headphones and putting a soft music that could help me take a “Peace sleep”. It was afternoon when my driver stopped the car at a roadside eatery and woke me up to eat something, I woke up and inquired to him, “where have we reached?”, “We have crossed Moradabad and have entered Rampur”, he answered.
After having a good brunch we continued for our destination, the road was looking fine and I was getting all restless to witness BHIMTAL.

Soon, we were near our place and hills could be seen around, a cool breeze touched my face as I turned down the window pane. My exasperation of work went away in seconds as I got in touch with vibes of nature. There were lush green trees and an open sky that just accelerated my zeal. At around 6 in the evening we reached our destination, as I went out of the car the fresh air just had me in its arrest and I was actually blown away, it felt like something in me has healed, some void has been filled, it was truly mesmerizing.

Next, I took my luggage and checked in TAG RESORTS LAVANYA BHIMTAL, I chose this place as I had seen many people talking about this place and moreover it was very near to the Bhimtal Lake. The place was really nice in terms of stay and hospitality, the food was also amazing. I would really recommend this place to you if you plan to visit Bhimtal, this place would just enrich your travel experience.

After sipping a hot brew in the cold and pleasant weather of Bhimtal, we decided to scan the Mall Road as it was already dark and all we could visit at this point of time was Mall Road only. The streets were an epitome of cleanliness and were surrounded with trees, as I reached the market area I found some hustling and bustling in the calm district, the area was a bit crowded and I was scared if I get paranoid as I am phobic to crowded places but surprisingly it did not create any irritation or chaos in me rather I was very calm. Maybe, the pleasantry vibes helped me throughout.

I started exploring the market which was surrounded by the gigantic hills; there were small shops at every step selling a variety of statutes, carpets, jewelries, Garhwali paintings, handmade candles etc. The culture was perfectly reflecting in the handmade products that were sold in the market, I purchased few paintings and a traditional Garhwali costume for myself.

After a good walk of few kilometers I went back to my resort where I was served with delicious and lip smacking dinner. By now, I was totally immersed in the flavor of Bhimtal and could not wait for the sun to rise and go all out to witness the serene Lake District.

The sun had risen from the lap of mountains and my travel spirits were touching the zenith, I wore my sport shoes and comfortable joggers and a plain white t shirt and left for my journey. As the lake was very near to my place, I decided to go there first. As I reached near the Bhimtal Lake, I was blown away with its sheer beauty; it was such a soul stirring view that I could feel a happy feeling within myself. Amidst the lake was a small island with a beautiful aquarium on it, I could not wait to see it so without any delay I just hopped on to one of the boats which took me to the island. As I reached on the island I could locate many foreigners there who were just praising the place like anything, this just boosted my eagerness. As I went in to see the aquarium, I was just captivated and stunned as the view was so eye pleasing. There was a huge flock of a variety of fishes that was sailing in the water and was looking magnificent. The Victorian dam at the end of the Bhimtal Lake and terraced flower gardens on both side add to the mesmerizing beauty of this place. After this unforgettable experience I went to a local eatery to have something and post that I was headed to try some adventure sports like paragliding.

I reached the paragliding spot at around 4 in the evening and was curious to become a “Human Bird” soon. I was scared but had to gulp in the fear so that I could totally enjoy this activity, after making me immune by putting all the necessary safety guards I was taken to a mountain peak and a helper came along with me , he held me from behind and we ran for a free fall from the peak and I within no time I joined the birds in the sky, I was free and wild at that very moment, all my worries were slowly fading away, at that moment I lived my whole life, everything stood still and beautiful and I was staring straight into the mammoth eyes of the mountains. The air was caressing my face and I was just all drenched with the feeling of satisfaction, it felt all right, all good.

As I came down I did a little leg exercise by engaging myself in the trek activity, I trailed through jungle areas, took a halt at a Maggie point amidst the jungle and finally walked my way to my resort.

I was all tired and exhausted and thus I quickly planned for day 2 and went to sleep without having dinner. The next morning I decided to visit the cultural heritage and religious pilgrimages in and around the district. Firstly, I went to the local museum and studied a lot about the history and culture of Bhimtal there. Post that I went ahead on my way to Hanuman Garhi temple and as I reached there I totally got immersed in the spiritual feel and atmosphere, even the architecture of the temple attained my attention. Following my spiritual journey I went to a few temples like Bhimeshwar temple, Shiva temple and others and in the evening I sat near the lake and watched the sunset while sipping on my warm drink.

The next morning I decided to go back to Delhi, as I reached my place I realized that everything was same , my house , my workplace, my work, my core life but one thing that was changed was me. This trip and this place provided me with the much needed peace and extracted a better version of me. My pique and indignation level was sorted and I was feeling refreshed and alive, such is the enchantment of BHIMTAL.
All I want to say is if you want to discover a great place and rediscover yourself, Bhimtal is a must visit.

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