Ranikhet: A paradise and a shortcut to Revive the Soul

04 November 2017

By TAG Resorts

It was October 2017 that provided me with an experience that I would cherish for a lifetime. My semester exams were just finished and I was just lazing around in my house as I am not really a social person. One day I watched some movie which was based on the life of a mountaineer and I got an urge to head to the mountains because firstly I never saw mountains and snow and secondly I hadn’t travelled anywhere in the last 7 years.
I challenged myself to go on a solo trip, completely unaware of the start and end of the thread; I just CHALLENGED myself. I scanned the internet and looked for several destinations, while I was searching where to go I came across an advertisement of a resort named Queens Meadows, it was based in Ranikhet and the pictures on the website looked miraculously beautiful.
I was enthralled on knowing that the entire property has been built in an organic way and no trees or plantation was destroyed to compensate for space, this sole fact attracted me to visit this place as I am an avid nature lover.
I started researching about Ranikhet and came to know that it is a small hill station based in Uttarakhand and is surrounded by the gigantic Himalayas and teak/pine forests. I booked a luxury tent for my stay at the resort.
I began my journey to the abode of nature on 9th October 2017; I boarded the bus to Ranikhet and reached my destination in around 9 hours.
I was hell frustrated from the bus journey as the seats of the bus were so crumbled and uncomfortable that my spine started to hurt. I took a taxi and reached the resort location, totally forgetting about the beautiful view that was around me as I was stumped down from the travel fatigue and I was only wishing to reach my tent as soon as possible so that I could lie down and just sleep.
When I reached the resort location I was welcomed by the staff members and it felt really good as I was really in a need of some sweet gesture by someone after the devastating bus journey.
The staff members took my luggage and started to move forward, I started following them, we kept walking for some time and on my way, I saw a variety of trees and other plants that had bloomed there and the surrounding was so colourful that it looked like a scene straight out of a Disney movie.
After a while, we reached a point where I was given a welcome drink and it instantly made me feel refreshed and it was then that I realized that I had already trekked around 400meters even when I was exhausted, such was the charisma of that place; it enchants you throughout that you completely forget about every stress and strain.
After trekking and enjoying the scenery for more 200 meters I finally reached the destination and was completely in awe of the place, the serenity and pristine environment had me head over heels. I was provided with a tent that was facing the majestic snow-capped Himalayas and the aura was diffused in the smell of pine and teak trees.
The tent was extremely luxurious and was incorporated witha King size bed, a private sitting area, an attached bathroom and pretty interiors. The best thing was that there was no TV to create distractions and it actually helped me in getting my soul closer to nature.
After resting for a while, I was taken for a tour of the property and it was so vast and pretty that I just could not take my eyes off. I was taken to the nursery where a variety of vegetables were grown and the best thing was that my food was going to get prepared from these organic vegetables only. I was then taken to the small waterfall from where the staff fetches the drinking water; the water was sparkling and fresh.
After the tour I came back to my tent and ordered the food, the fresh and hot cuisine was prepared for me, I ate the mouth-watering dinner and satisfied my taste buds. I sat for a while in my private area and struck a chord or two on my guitar while humming some soft songs, that feeling of sitting alone under a sky of stars amidst the forest was worth it; irreplaceable, amazing and unmatched.
Cut to the next day, the sun rose from the hills and the sunshine lightened up the surroundings, I opened my eyes and saw a big basket of fresh fruits kept outside my tent, the care and affection provided by Team Tag Resorts Queens Meadows was really praiseworthy. After hunting on a lavish breakfast I decided to visit places in and around Ranikhet. The staff helped me with the information about the famous places and I started my tour by visiting a spiritual place called Jhula Devi Temple, this temple was beautifully built and the locals seemed to have a lot of faith in it. I observed that there were many bells hung on the wall out of some ritual and it created a musical effect in the surroundings.
After my spiritual healing, I went to get close to nature by visiting Chaubatia Gardens, it was no less than a visual treat for me as I got to witness rows of beautiful apple and apricot orchards, plantations of walnut, pine and almonds. The place was soaked with wilderness in its real colours.
After that I went to the famous golf course which is touted to be one of Asia’s highest and well-managed golf course, the ethereal beauty of the course with lush green grounds will make your jaw drop. I am not really a golfer but still, I tried my hands at it and as expected, I failed miserably. *crying in the corner*.
After a tiring day, I headed back to my resort, as I reached there I was served with a warm cup of tea with exotic cookies and that really helped me freshen up. After a while I swept my legs in my pajamas and went for a peace walk in the lavish property, I walked for some time and I gained the attention of the activity room present in the resort, I went in and saw a variety of games like chess, table tennis, snooker etc. and just to tell you that I am a great snooker player, people came to challenge me and then….well let us just say that what happens in Ranikhet stays in Ranikhet. *victorious laugh*
After a succulent dinner, I went to sleep as I was all spent on my town tour.
Cut to day 3, the weather today was much more breezy and chilled, the temperature had lowered down and I had to take my jacket out. After breakfast I was taken for a tour of a nearby Kumaoni village, the authentic and bonafide traditions and culture of Kumaoun had me swooning. I was served with the Kumaoni lunch and trust me on this; I never tasted something more finger licking than this…ever. The food was so firm and tasty that it just melted down like wax and my senses were swirled with the impeccable taste of the food. Post this exemplary experience I was taken to Wildrift Adventures where I got myself engaged in thrilling and escapade activities that boosted my spirits higher than ever before. After a roller coaster day, I came back to the resort and slept for a while. As I woke up I could hear some music being played, I went outside and saw that a bonfire party with light music was set up for all the guests as it was our last day of stay at this paradise-like place.
The party went on until late night until everyone dozed off to sleep.
The next day I was going to leave this paradise to return to the city which was filled with complete mayhem. With a heavy heart I had to bid goodbye to this place, with some really sweet memories etched in my life I left the paradise with a promise to visit again..soon…very soon.

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