Make Your Wedding Memorable & Exchange vows in the magnificent backdrop of Corbett

14 March 2019

By TAG Resorts

Wedding Day: A day everyone wants to be a memorable one, a day when we want everything to be simply perfect. I too had similar expectations. I got engaged in March & my marriage was fixed in October. Everyone in my family including me was super excited.
Though I was nervous to take this step, the excitement and happiness were over-shadowing that nervousness. Every now and then, my family were busy making the guest list, deciding the budget, clothes and jewellery.
I had a vivid image of my wedding dress and look, and I used to surf the net for hours to check the new jewellery designs, best photographers, decorators and then I searched for Destination Weddings.
Before jumping to any decision, I researched properly and was really interested to go for a destination wedding. Somehow, I knew that these sort of weddings are extravagant and will dis-balance our whole budget plan. I contacted many wedding planners, and as expected their price was far higher than our budget. I then, through a colleague came to know about TAG Resorts The Banyan Retreat, Corbett. Without wasting a second I called them, and the way they assisted me and answered my queries was the first thing that made me longed more to get married there.
Another major thing to do was to convince my parents as well as my would be in-laws. I then talked to my fiancée, at first I was sceptical about whether he would support me or not but after communicating with him, I came to know that he was also keen for a destination wedding. We both then decided to convince our parents, and to my surprise, my fiancée already had a talk with my parents regarding this, and both sides agreed to it.
I was kind of happy that we both understand each other so well!!! My father along with my father-in law, brother and would be husband, went Corbett to visit the property and finalized the venue. I won't lie, I was more than happy. It was like everything I was wishing for was turning into reality.
Someone said it true, time flies. Amidst all the chaos of shopping and inviting guests and preparing for wedding, the date to get hitched arrived! We along with our closed ones went to the venue. The Corbett is around 6 hrs drive from Delhi. Singing, dancing, enjoying we arrived, and we all were welcomed with refreshing drinks. The gesture was really very sweet. Amidst the beautiful aroma of jungles and wilderness, all our tiredness was gone and suddenly everyone was feeling refreshed.. The resort was really very beautiful, and all my guests were quite impressed.
All our guests were escorted to their rooms. I would say, the rooms were well-maintained and gave everyone a royal feel. We all got immersed in the comfort and aura of this holistic destination. After taking a refreshing bath or nap, everyone gathered for a cocktail party. By the crystal clear pool and lush green lawns, everyone of us danced on the beats of DJ, and went for the Gala Dinner. Not only the food, but our guests even liked the grand dining area of the resort. After a little more gossips & dancing we all went to sleep.

Next day was my big day!!! I wanted to sleep, but the butterflies won't let me sleep. I was wondering how I will look, what I will do... and I don't know when I fell asleep.
The next day, was my day, Our day!!! I indulge in our family rituals and clicked some beautiful pictures. The beautiful lawns & picturesque surroundings are the best to capture moments. The resort was beautifully decorated. It was nothing less than a dream. And, what makes it more beautiful was the positivity and greenery all around.
I walked down the aisle under the stars, in my bridal look. When you know that everything you wanted was on point, you glow differently and that happened to me. I was glowing with happiness, ecstasy and satisfaction. With all the rituals, we got married in the best place I can ever think.
From decorations to lightings, from food to luxurious room, from helpful staff to their assistance, everything was just perfect. All I can say is that, Thank-you TAG Resorts The Banyan Retreat for making my wedding a Dream wedding. I can't thank enough the staff for their hard-work & for their services because of which everything went on smoothly.
Choosing this venue to get married was the second best thing in my life, after saying Yes to marry him.
I wish TAG Resorts The Banyan Retreat to reach the height of stars, and may you get a greater achievement in the years to come.

Points You Need To Remember As A Bride-To-Be

Make your own personal list for everything. From dresses to footwears, jewellery to make-up items.

Take your comfortable footwear's with you, and do not forget to get one flat with your bridal outfit also.

Don't just focus on yourself. Try to spend little bit time with your family, especially your parents & siblings. Click some cute pictures with them to cherish for the lifetime.

Bring your own small bag for medicines(headache, stomach, allergy, or any other disease you have). Carry safety pins and if possible carry a thread and needle for last moment accidents.

Do not tense over anything. Everything and everyone will be fine. Its your time, enjoy each and every moment.

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