Good food is like a staircase to heaven in life

24 September 2017

By TAG Resorts

Whether you stay at home or travel all around, one thing that never shifts from its place is the never ending love for food. Food tempts you the very moment it is served; So if you are in the enthralling lake district – Bhimtal, you ought to give your tongue a taste of the traditional, quaint and absolutely lip smacking local food. Here is a “Crave” list of some of the most amazing dishes you can lay your hands on while you are at Bhimtal :-

1. Raas
Prepared in huge Iron pans , this is a curry dish made from a variety of pulses and is consumed with hot steamed rice. This dish is considered to be one of the best dish in terms of nutritional value and it’s specialty is that it can be made both spicy and sweet depending upon your wish and it tastes equally good in both the flavors.

2. Baadi
A tasty blend of Moong, Chana and Arhar; this dish is loved by one and all. When in Bhimtal you just cannot miss to taste this else you are sure to regret later. Served mostly in handmade Pots or matkas this dish tastes best when sesame leaves are added to it.

3. Baal Mithai
The traditional desert of Bhimtal is as sweet as the place and its people. Made by roasting Khoya and coating it with Sugar all over this desert just melts in your mouth as soon as you gulp in. It serves as a perfect aid for your sweet tooth and looks extremely tempting and desirable.

4. Palak ka Kappa
This one is a protein rich winter dish which would enthrall you with its impeccable taste and nutrition value. Made with Spinach leaves, this dish is accompanied with wheat flour paste and a lot of ghee. It is served with steamed rice. All the health enthusiasts would love this dish for sure.

5. Thechwani
Made from Crushed potatoes and Radish, this dish is a rich source of iron and excels in giving a thrill to your taste buds as well. It is made with ingredients like mustard seeds, garlic, ginger, roasted cumin powder and green chilies. Served with hot chapattis this one deserves your attention.

Now, if you plan to visit the lake district , Do not forget two most important things :-
1. Taste the amazing local food.
2. Choose luxurious TAG resort for your stay, *winks*.

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