An Unforgettable New Year's Eve amidst Wilderness

07 January 2019

By TAG Resorts

Since everyone was busy celebrating and welcoming the upcoming year, I with my cousins decided to do it differently. I planned my New Year's Eve with TAG Resorts The Banyan Retreat, Corbett. And to my surprise, this celebration was the best one until now.

All of us were super excited for the upcoming experiences. We checked in the resort on 30th December 2018. And as it is said, the first impression is the last impression, I got mesmerized with the decoration, with the view and of course with the staff's generosity. I was happy as well as proud of my decision.
On our way to the rooms, we came across to an age-old Banyan Tree. On asking, we came to know that the tree is around 100 years old. The tree was decorated with lights, flowers and was standing with all its grandeur.
We entered our rooms and took a rest for a while to get through the travel weariness. After all, in the cozy and warm rooms who won't like to rest?
We went downstairs to binge on the delicious dinner in the resort's own multi-cuisine restaurant. I must say the food was simply appetizing. After our heavy dinner, we went for a walk. The resort was beautifully decorated. We again hopped into our rooms and fell asleep in the lap of nature.
Next day, we woke up and got ready to enjoy the last day of 2018 as much as possible. After breakfast, one of the staff members took us for the walk on the river-shore flowing just behind the resort. On this trip of ours, we came to know that one of a cousin has a passion for wildlife photography. He went out during the day and came back with several pictures. He even captured Blue-winged Minla, Ultramarine Flycatcher and many more exotic birds. After meeting the hidden photographer in him, we all forced him to take our pictures. After all the photo-shoot, we got engaged in some in-house games and activities. There were other families too who actively participated in every game. We won so many gifts and hampers. We got so much indulged in these games that we didn't realize that it was the time for NEW Year Bash...
We freshen up, dressed-up and gathered in the lawn for the bash. Each and every corner of the resort was illuminated. Lights, flowers, and greenery all of them were an adding asset to the resorts beauty. I was so enthralled with the beauty and calmness of the place that I can't explain it into the words.
And, then the party begins!!! The evening was pretty cold, which was neutralized by the heating arrangements and vibrant energy all around. The ambiance was pleasant, lights were dim, DJ was playing the top chartbusters. Although dance is a dime of dozen, & we wanted to en-cash every single moment. To keep charged up ourselves we enjoyed mouth-watering starters. Groupies & selfies time was on. All were posing in style.


We danced, we ate, we enjoyed. And then it was time to bid a farewell... Amid all the cheers, amid all the happiness, amid all the enjoyment 2019 arrives... We welcomed the new year and prayed that this year will bring happiness and positivity for everyone.

After the celebrations got over, we went to our room and slept... Next day, it was the time to leave... Everyone got ready, and I was immensely happy that I decided and chose this place for the celebration.
The place itself, the resort, the surroundings, the staff, the food everything made this New Year Celebration to be boasted about.
Finally, we have entered in 2019. Hope this New Year will bring new opportunities and new experiences!!! Happy New Year once again

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