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It was October 2017 that provided me with an experience that I would cherish for a lifetime. My semester exams were just finished and I was just lazing around in my house as I am not really a social person.

A small, tranquil and pretty hill station at a distance of around 370km from national capital Delhi is located at 1800 meters from sea level. Legend has it that the place derived its name from the folk story of Rani Padmini, it is said that Rani Padmini fell in love with this beautiful place and thus Raja Sudhardev gifted her a palace in this captivating land and therefore the name “Ranikhet” that transforms to “Queen’s Meadows”.

Are you a newlywed couple planning for a romantic getaway? If yes, then what else could be a better place than Bhimtal to enjoy the best of nature, adventure, love, and privacy

Have you got tired of the routine core of life? Want a getaway to some place with Majestic hills, Serene Lake, Soul pleasing environment and an intimate vibe? Well, pack your bags then because Bhimtal is calling you.

Whether you stay at home or travel all around, one thing that never shifts from its place is the never ending love for food. Food tempts you the very moment it is served; So if you are in the enthralling lake district – Bhimtal

The above lines stay as true as it can get, a week ago I was just another corporate person rattled between my core life and business life. I was facing a lot of stress and anxiety issues and really needed a break to calm myself; it is then that I was suggested to take a road trip to Bhimtal by a friend.

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